Backstage at Rodarte spring/summer 15. LOOK

Cait: ....they rammed into each other like, like sheep.
Abby: like Rams. They rammed into each other like Rams.
Cait: haha yeah that makes more sense. It was fucking cray.

The wedding rehearsal starts at 5 and dinner is at 630. Family, please note that we are strictly under regular people time and NOT on Filipino time this weekend. With that said, please haul your asses out of the house by 4pm sharp.
- a mass text my cousin sent to the entire family



you know what to do with that big fat butt

wiggle wiggle wiggle



Playing dress up with @catherinebaba is the most educational thing you’ll learn today.

That whole “the universe only gives you what you can handle”?

Well the universe needs to calm the fuck down and stop having so much faith in me.

"You two are like...you're what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object."
"Isn't that supposed to be impossible?"
"Yeah. Exactly."
Last day of TIFF with my main squeeze😘