It's all simple here

Watching Funny Girl and drinking red wine.

I quite like being a 55 year old spinster tonight.

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The fuq’s up with this whole naya and lea feud?

Get your shit together you two. nayarivera leamichelemusic

— 2 days ago
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Ten pictures that will make you love advertising

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Watching Vegucated

Because apparently I hate myself today.

— 2 weeks ago
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This is why Mindy Kaling is our hero. Watch the full interview here. 

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I know that distance is a factor; so I'll always stretch as far I can →


I’ve always hated change.

Resented it.

But now I’m here planning for the biggest change of my life thus far. And I’m looking forward to it.

A different place, a different city; completely out of my comfort zone…well can I even really call it that? I’ve never been comfortable with this place,…

I wrote this 2 years ago.

It feels good.

Best thing I ever did for myself.

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